Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jumpstart.com- Mathblaster.com and more!

180x150-enchanted-sanctuary24The world today is becoming more technology advanced that I ever imagined. Kids today need a safe place to be able learn computer skills.
JumpStart is an educational website geared toward teaching children over 100 essential skills. From basic computer skills such as keyboard and mouse operations to math, reading, art and more.


Jumpstart offers many “zones” which the child works through and passes off different skills in a game like atmosphere. In one particular zone, Katey had to find as much gold as she could. Some were worth more than others. Another Challenge was to fill in a calendar, as in the days of the week as well as the missing dates.
worksheet-email-js-c5Jumpstart is more than just computer skills. There are worksheets, craft and other holiday/ theme ideas. The worksheet/ holiday area is well organized by multiple categories, either by age, by grade, by theme, and more.
JumpStart teaches kids the skills needed to succeed in school and in life...the fun way! With membership, your kids will master even more reading, math, art and critical thinking skills through fun-filled learning games.
  • Download 4 full-length retail games
  • Discover 1000s of learning activities
  • Practice over 100 essential skills
Jumpstart is a great way to use a safe online environment to keep kids’ skills fresh over the Summer as well as throughout the school year.
Jumpstart is priced at $8.99 per month
$74.99 for yearly or $149.99 for a lifetime membership.
Each membership includes access to Jumpstart.com as well as MathBlaster.com and even 4 downloadable games for up to 6 children to play.
Each website also has free versions.
Jumpstart Online Virtual World
I have the opportunity to give one of my blog readers a 3 month membership, which includes access to Jumpstart.com, MathBlaster.com as well as the 4 downloadable games. See the Giveaway HERE.

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