Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How I plan what I purchased?


Can you believe it?  This year I am going to plan!  Years past we have done everything from fly by the seat of our pants type planning to having it all planned out for us. 

This year, we are taking majority of the summer off from “official schooling.”  We do still do 3 subjects each day, reading, math and a choice.


I am using this time to plan out months at a time.  I set up a part time desk in the kitchen, that way I don’t have to clean up to cook and eat. LOL!  (seriously though).

Let’s begin with how I am planning Before Five in a Row and Five in a Row. 
I am using the planner page I got from All of A Kind FamilyP1020427
I use the book as well as the internet, (mainly Pinterest and Homeschool Share) to get my ideas.  I have collected and preprinted everything I need.  I precut and laminated many things too.  I store those in a Ziploc.
I then put everything I need in a manila folder and label it.  I write on the outside of the folder anything I will need to either purchase or gather from around the house.

I then store all these folders on my teacher bookshelf.  And I use the year long planning page from the Schoolhouse Planner to fill in when we will do each P1020422book.  I have planned out our first 8 books and plan to have 12 planned out before the end of August.  Then I am going to try and plan a book a week so I can stay ahead of the game.  I am going to leave room for flexibility.

How I have planned Prairie Primer 

The first thing I did was take the book over to Staples and had them cut the binding off and have it spiral bound.


Then I began using the weekly planner in the Schoolhouse Planner.  I wrote the number of the lesson on the planner page.  So for example she will need to do numbers 1-6 and 8 on the first day. Next to each item number that has something to go with it, I added small notes, LB= lapbook piece, NB= Notebooking page, WS= worksheet, if she is supposed to watch something on YouTube then that is written in there, etc.

I preprinted any notebooking pages, lapbooking pages and worksheets she would need.  They are all sorted by week and will be going in a 3 ring binder.
On the bottom of the schedule I have a list of supplies to gather for that week.  I just grab the sheet a week or two in advance and gather what is necessary. 
I have also pre-bookmarked many of her science pages.  I am also  incorporating The Daring Book for Girls into her lessons, and am in the process of fitting that all in. 

She will do Prairie Primer 4 days per week.

Fridays will be set aside for:
  • game days
  • art projects
  • home ec.
  • finish up work.
  • character lessons

Other things such as grammar and math they will just do the next lesson each day.  So not much preplanning there.

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Charity Hawkins said...

Love Five in a Row! Thanks for sharing!


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