Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer fun!

We took a drive to the fish hatchery which is at the bottom of a magnificent canyon.
It was really neat to see all the stages of fish, we even saw how they load them into trucks to transport them to surrounding lakes. There were literally thousands of fish in each bay.
P1020280   P1020282
It was very neat to see them jumping at the waterfall from the water cycling through.
We learned how the hatcheries do a lot of research on aquatic life as well as that the water is all from a natural spring.  They take extra precautions to be sure if you won’t contaminate their water with microorganisms from the nearby stream that the spring forms.  You can hike down along the stream to the Green River and picnic.  It was a four mile hike, we chose not to do it, we had our picnic right near the parking lot.
After that we chose to take a different scenic route home, which took us to a lodge we like to eat at, near Flaming Gorge Reservoir.  We rented a paddle boat and took the kids out for a ride on a small lake that was there.  t

After that we drove to another place for dinner.  Then we made the 30 minute drive home and hit the sack.
It was really quite the day. 

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