Wednesday, August 8, 2012

5th grade art ~ Highlights from the past year.



Emily is quite my little artist, in every form of the word.  She loves to create!

Here are a few project highlights of hers from this past year.


She painted an Easter Egg on a canvas.


She created a sun catcher  using washable markers and vegetable oils.


She loved coloring the composer pages when we studied the composers.


She created many things with clay to go along with her Early American history.


She made neat Halloween Skeleton paintings.  She was even Painter Smurf for Halloween, although in this picture she doesn’t have the makeup on.


Emily created a very detail oriented Gingerbread house.  Which won 1st place at a Homeschool competition.

She loves to create jewelry.  She received a wonderful jewelry making kit for Christmas.

We made homemade Valentines as well as we have joined an Artist Trading Card group. 

We have done so much more art projects than this.  These are just a few highlights.


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