Friday, August 31, 2012

Prairie Primer- Planning stages.

I have been planning and gearing up to begin Prairie Primer with my 11 year old daughter. 
Since we are officially beginning the Tuesday after Labor Day, I will share with you some things I have done to help me in planning it. I joined two Yahoo groups for Prairie Primer.  They are full of resources in the files section.
Prairie Primer Pluses Yahoo Group
Prairie Primer Today Yahoo Group
I went through the Prairie Primer book and made a weekly schedule of what she is to do each day as well as at the bottom of the schedule it shows me what supplies and library books I will need to have ready for her.  My goal is to work 1 week ahead of her in gathering the things.  The page I use to plan is from the Schoolhouse Planner, which is available from Schoolhouse Teachers.

Another thing I have done is preprinted a bunch of notebooking pages from Notebooking Pages. I have also preprinted the lap book pieces from Homeschool Share. I get my meat from a local butcher, so I put in a request for him to get me a hogs bladder.  I am hoping it gets here soon.   I have also ordered owl pellets for dissection. Emily and I are both very excited for her to begin.   Here are the resources that she will be using for her first week.

Follow me for our updates of how Prairie Primer is going for us. Also see my other planning post.  (Which does include PP)

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Eddie said...

It looks great! Thanks for linking up - I always love to see how people are planning things out. Please come back and link up again another time.

We're just heading into Week 2 of Plum Creek and loving it!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I had a hard time reading your post because the font was really small. I've been winging it every day with the Prairie Primer, but I know I need to get some real planning done. Maybe this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration!


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