Friday, August 17, 2012

Our Week {Is it hunting season, yet?}



On Monday we took a day trip to Jarvie Ranch, we went across a swinging bridge, had a picnic, played in the creek, and more.  I was going to blog about our trip, but I haven’t had time yet.  Maybe next week. 

Archery season starts here tomorrow morning.  My husband is out right now getting ready. 

We have mostly spent this week helping him get ready, besides Monday.   Lots of shopping, lots of shooting practice.  Tommy even got to practice some. 


Tyler had an awful lot of fun driving around our yard. 


In other news Tommy and I took Hunter Education every night this week for 3 hours. 


We spent two days at the range practicing for our shooting test.


We were so glad that we BOTH PASSED!!!!



We then went to a friends birthday party and had tons of fun checking out the horses.


And practicing some more shooting.



In school news we have been working through our three subjects each.

Tommy has been trucking along through Math Essentials.  He had gotten slightly stuck on adding integers, a concept he has been taught a few times.  I had him take some time off from Math Essentials and spend the last 3 days on IXL reviewing integers.   My whole point in having him repeat pre-algebra is that he gets the concepts down pact. 

We have been having our own special read aloud time. We are currently reading The Hardy Boys.  He has also been continuing his copy work from Copy Work For Future Heroes. This has been such a great resource.

Emily has been continuing to read Mocking Jay. She worked on IXL as well as her typing.

Katey has been sitting in on our read aloud. She has been spending quite a bit of time on Jumpstart and IXL.

We have spent the past two weeks using a new chore system, and while I thought I was really happy with our old way.  This new system has proven to be so much better.  Watch for my complete review on this system coming soon.

We are starting actual school in a few weeks and we are very ready for it to begin. 

See what we are using here.

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