Thursday, November 15, 2012

Let’s go ahead and be honest, shall we?





I realized after writing a few posts, that I am extremely comfortable with myself and the fact that I homeschool, and you know what comes with comfort? Honesty. So while I may be judged for choosing to homeschool or the way I do it, or even the way I live my life,




Go ahead and judge me if you must. Here, let me give you some stuff.

You want to know some truths?

PA040798My 2nd grader does not read as well as the average 2nd grader.  I’m okay with that. We are working on it, but it is no reason for me to give up.  PA040776

My 3 year old can work the PS3 and Netflix and has been able to for quite some time now. 

My 6th grader and my 8th grader are almost at the same level in math.  PA040791

My 6th grader is a book worm.

The rest of my kids, not so much. PA040797

My kids fight.  My kids get along too.

My husband and I fight.  We get along too.

We sometimes make decisions we regret.  But, we learn from them. PA040753

My kids misbehave, heck, sometimes I misbehave.

We are Mormon, but not active.  And, we don’t really live the Mormon lifestyle.  But we are still Mormon.

I have a few guilty pleasures.  I love the Real Housewives of Anywhere.  I hide candy from everyone else and sneak it. PA040775

I was mostly soda free for 8 months.  I am now back on the sauce. (Pepsi)

Sometimes we have cereal for dinner, and Ramen noodles for breakfast.  (not very often, but it has happened.  Not on the same day, that I can remember.)PA040754

My house is never spotless, well except for that once every couple of months when I throw down the gauntlet and demand complete cleanliness.  That usually doesn’t come out of my mouth very nice, but I get my way.  Then I feel better. 

I am not perfect, and there are times when I don’t try my hardest to be. 

There you have it!  That’s who I am. 




Sarah at SmallWorld said...

Love it!

Andrea said...

Very refreshing! Good for you:-) Love it!!!!

D' Mommy said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing ;)

Unknown said...

I love it! It's the same with my 3 year old. He knows how to handle the iPad better than I do. :)

Cindy LaJoy said...

Hmmm...just found your blog and realized we have yet to try Ramen noodles for breakfast! Hahaha! Thanks for giving me permission :-) Love your blog and will be spending some time reading it tonight. Your family sounds a bit like ours, without the Mormon piece :-) Homeschooling means our kids can be wherever they are competition. Nice to see someone be so honest!


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