Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Going to the Farm


Our homeschool co-op set up a field trip to go to a farm.  So of course we jumped at the opportunity to go. 


Our day started off with a tractor pulled hay ride to see all the crops. 



We stopped occasionally and our tour guide would go and pick some vegetables and tell us about them.  We learned that an onion lives for 2 years. 



One stop we made was at the pumpkin patch, were we each got to pick a pumpkin.  The children were told to carefully look around for their perfect pumpkin, and when they found it they were to raise their hand.  Then the tour guide would run around and cut the pumpkins off the vine.


Katey set a goal to find the smallest orange pumpkin she could find.   


Then we were able to do some exploring, they had a “left turn only” hay maze. 


Playing on the neat tire swings.


Next came the giant slides, which were a little wet, but none of the kids seemed to mind. 


S3010117 S3010118


Then we got to play in a farm band, and


ride an animal train.


There was a really cool pumpkin bounce house, they enjoyed for a while.


We finished the day by getting lost (literally) in the famous corn maze. 



We had such a fun time on this field trip.  Emily tells me one of the things she likes best about homeschooling is that she gets to go on more field trips than the public school children near us. 

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