Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Surgery Classes.


Katey was born with a cleft lip.

Katey had her second surgery (her first one was when she was 5 months) this week.  The children’s hospital where I have her surgeries done offer pre surgery classes.  We took Katey, Tommy and Emily to one. 


They get to play with doctor items. 


Each child gets a doll with a hospital gown, a hair net, gloves, and a face mask to take home.  Then they get to use all the doctor items to “operate” on their doll.



Or on each other.



They get to dress up like doctors and nurses.

S3010163  S3010164

Then we got to take a tour of all the  places she would be going, the waiting room, the surgery room, the wake up room, and the recovery room.


At the end they each got to try a slushy that the children would be allowed to have after surgery.


The girls chose root beer, 

S3010170Tommy chose fruit punch.


I am very grateful for these classes, they really help Katey (and all of us) know what to expect. 

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Four Little Penguins said...

How weird! My Kaytie was born with cleft, too!


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