Saturday, August 4, 2012

Why homeschool?


There are endless reasons that homeschoolers do what they do.  A few of my reasons in no particular order.

  • To spend quality time as a familyP1010835
  • To spend time allowing my children to develop who they are without constant peer influence


  • To teach them character traits that I wish to instill in them
  • To give them one on one education in which is taught to their learning styles
  • To give them the opportunity to take advantage of new and exciting experiences


  • So they realize that they can be friends with siblingsS3010079

I have written many a posts about Why I Homeschool.

Now my children were not always homeschooled they have gone to public school.  The experience we both had there, as student and parent left me feeling that there was just something more for us.

Enter homeschooling. 

We love it so much now and have changed as individuals and as a family in wonderful incredible ways. 


I am a strong believer that homeschooling is not for everyone.  It is definitely right for us! 

This has been a part of the blog cruise.  Click the graphic to read about why some others homeschool.



Debbi said...

Great post! I love to hear about others that home school. We are beginning our 6th year, and I wouldn't send my children back to school for anything. :-)

Nicole said...

Love this! Pretty much our reasons too.


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