Friday, January 11, 2013

All Those Secrets of the World

It’s been a few weeks since we finished up this book, so I will be doing my best to remember some of the things we did. 

We centered much of our learning around discussions.  The FIAR manual gave many suggestions.  My Album 2-023

We learned about Ration books, the state of Virginia, we did water color paintings for art and our science was ocean centered.  We learned a little bit about WWII and the hardships people felt and how hard it may have been.PC040748 

Katey made the cutest “porthole” craft as well as we made a homemade “lava lamp”.  We saw how soap helped clean oil off our dishes just like it helped clean the oil off of the children.

We learned about ocean currents, did some fun simple fish measuring.  We also learned about floating and sinking in salt water vs. fresh water.

My Album 2-024

Of course we had to have ice cream cones with “jimmies” on them.  Katey was also very interested in the depth perception exercises we did.  She used it with her thumb often to figure out about how far away some things she saw were. 

My Album 2-025

My favorite resources for this book were:

The Five in A Row Manual.  - they have a great new website, check it out.  You can get all the fold and learns for free just for subscribing.

Homeschool Share

Many ideas can be found on my Pinterest Page as well. 


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