Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Simple Machines Unit

We did a fun 2 week long simple machines unit that I put together using books from our library and simple machine projects I found from around the web. The first day we did an overview of all the different simple machines. Then each day we chose a different machine to learn about. Then we had a review day, followed by a compound machine day. And we finished it up by creating our own compound machines.

Here are some highlights.


Here we are making a lever to lift heavy objects.


We made an Archimedes’ screw. PA220030

We learned why a wedge is so helpful by trying to hammer a bolt vs. a nail. PA220031

We had a pulley tug of war.  Two people vs. one.  It was neat to see Katey overpower both the older kids. 


We had a build your own compound machine day. PA240075

I saved up supplies for two weeks to be able to have a good variety of items. PA240074

Emily made a cereal shooter.  PA240076

She used our catapult and made a pulley system to move the bowl as well as a wheel and axle.

Tommy made a quite complex bird feeder.


Katey made a really simple bird feeder.


This was such a fun unit for us.

Most, if not all, resources that we used can be found on my Prairie Primer Pinterest Board.


Crystal said...

I'm totally impressed! What a great hands-on unit! I'm sure they learned a tremendous amount.

Jubilee Reviews said...

This is so fantastic!! I love how you were able to work with all of the kids and they were able to really grasp simple machines!

momofmanybentzs said...

This looks like fun - my family would love this!

Unknown said...

These are really cool activities, I especially like the Archimedes Screw!

Thank you for sharing.

Julie said...

How fun and educational. I wish I could have joined in!


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