Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Real life in my house.


We have really had quite the busy start to our year. 

We are still adjusting to me working part time.  We have good days and bad days.  We have good weeks and bad weeks.  I am not sure we are finding the swing of things yet.  We are still looking for our groove. 

The kids are getting their school work done.  Not always as quickly as I would like them to.  I just feel like I should be home with them.  Hopefully this season of my life will be over soon.  As much as I enjoy working, I feel as if home is where I should be.  I do notice some behavioral problems arising in my 3 year old.  I need to fix those. 

I only work part time about 20 hours per week, usually over 3 days.  They have certain schoolwork that they need to do while I am at work.  Other things we do while I am home, even if it means late at night, or on the weekends.


My house has been staying clean enough by using this chore system.  We do “quick cleans” a few times throughout the day.  Mainly one before lunch and one before dinner.  We do a deep clean on the first weekend of the month.  P1121056This has really been working out for us. 

We also rotate who has to do the dishes each day, along with a menu plan. I created this one.  On the top blank line I write in my work schedule.image

The blank line below the day I write who is in charge of dishes that day.  Then it is divided up into breakfast, lunch and dinner each day.  I write in a colored pencil if someone else is in charge of preparing that meal. (You can only switch out meals that you prepare).  Then I have the grocery list in order of the grocery store I most commonly shop at.  I have a small section for Walmart and the blank spot in that column is my divider for stuff I need to pick up at another store.  At the bottom I have a place for wants and other random stuff I may need from like the hardware store or other specialty stores.  I plan this out every Friday for the following week.  (I don’t know how to share this as a printable file, but I am willing to share it, so if you would like a copy, just leave your email and I will send you one. ) 

Sometimes we just need to take a break and go fishing!  P1161065

Emily and  I made chocolate covered strawberries.  They were…… DELISH!


If you have a weak stomach, then this blog posts ends for you right now. 

So thanks for reading and see ya next time.

Okay and here is a warning. Just so we are clear, if you go any further you will see a sad mangled toe with stitches in it. 

I am serious.

You have been warned.



There is no turning back after this.


It can’t be unseen. 




There, there it is, my poor 3 year old fell off the bench to our table and he had to get 7 stitches in that one toe.  We have went back for a checkup and they want to leave the stitches in even longer. 


There goes his toe modeling career I had all planned out for him. 

But all is well and he is healing well. 



mrsd said...

What a great post, Alyson. You will make it through this working outside the home phase of your life, and still homeschool your children well! I have and am doing it, and am writing a book on it right now;) Too bad about the toe modeling...maybe he can be a stunt man!

Jubilee Reviews said...

Oh my, your poor little guy! Hope he heals soon, he must be quite the trooper!

Stefanie said...

OH the poor little guy. Hope he's feeling better soon.


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