Friday, February 1, 2013

Science Projects Galore


So far this school year we have done quite a bit of science.  Here are some recent highlights.

These experiments came from:

These experiments are not in the order we did them.

We did quite a few experiments on the displacement of water to learn about using a control in studies. Here are a few.

These are our boats.  We raced boats using different “motors” .








Here we used different things to see what happened to pepper resting of the surface of water.










This one we just found on the internet and decided to try it ourselves.  It was -13° F outside that day.


We microwaved a cup of water and threw it outside into the freezing air.  We were able to watch it evaporate.

This one we got from Winter Wonders.  You do the regular density experiment, freeze it and watch it thaw.  The ice ends up floating to the top of the oil back down again as it thaws. 



Don’t forget to check out our Simple Machines Unit.



Tommy learned how to calculate speed. 





We learned about how a corn maze is created. PA260108

We forced a spider to make a web right before our eyes.  (No spiders were injured during this experiment.)


We classified Halloween candy.


Katey has been learning bunches about the Solar System.  This showed us how the sun reflects of the moon for us to see it at night.


Katey has been using the Download and Go’s to learn about each of the seasons.


We have been using our Discovery Scope, quite a bit.


We did another density experiment where we got things to sink and float.


We saw how cold water slows things down.


We blew up a balloon using boiled cabbage water.


We did a Mento’s Bomb.



We broke open Geodes.



We went through an electronics phase.  Taking all kinds of things apart.






Science is a favorite for all of us.  I am sure it is because of all the hands on. 

I love that my children are interested in exploring things.

Do you do science at your house?  Where do you get your ideas from?

Disclaimer: There are affiliate links in this post. There are also freebies. There are also just links to products without affiliate links. I'm trying to show what we did and where you can find it, not to sell you a product...although if you decide to buy one of them, please feel free to use the links and support a fellow homeschooler.


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