Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Special Time with my little guy.


Our recreation program offers a fun Itty Bitty Ball program for young children. 

This is a mom and me type class.  You go twice a week for one hour each day and each week is a different sport. IMG_1239

This is our second year doing this program. Tyler just loves it!  He loves all the sports and he really loves the special one on one time. 

It has been really neat to watch him grow in his skills each year.  I am amazed at how much better he can dribble the basketball and play tennis than last year. 


Other sports he has learned are soccer, t-ball, and volleyball. 

I sign us up for Bitty Ball for 1 reason.  That reason is not to learn new sports.  That is just a bonus. 

I sign us up for the special one on one time I get with him.  I love that Bitty Ball is our special thing, where we get our special time.  I know Tyler loves it too!

Take time to spend with each of your children, even if you have to create the circumstances!

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