Wednesday, June 18, 2014

R is for Routine


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I would like to start with a truth. 

My original idea for R was to write about rebellion. 

Since I’m a rebel and all I am not going to write about what I had planned. 

Routine is what has saved my sanity lately. 

Remember back when I posted about how I wanted to be more spontaneous.

How do you plan for something like that?  Well next time I will write about other ways I plan so that I can be more spontaneous.

But the biggest way is by having routine.

If every day when my kids get up they follow their list then I know they are ready for the day and whatever we decide to do. 

With a bedtime routine if no matter where we are or what time we decide to go to bed they know the routine and can do it whenever, where ever.

The way I have began incorporating routines is with the bedtime routine. 


I found this great premade one, which is the one we use for bedtime.  I like this one because it is simple enough and has no bedtime snack or drink.  We don’t do those things.  I also like it because it has no time.  If we stay up late because we are watching a family movie, or went for a drive to the mountains to have a campfire it’s fine.  If we need to go to bed early because we spent all day at the pool or park and are just worn out, we can.

Our morning routine is a little more complicated and I am still working out the kinks of it.  I will post more about it when I have it done.  I will explain what I think I am going for though.

I want it to be like

  • Wake up
  • Eat breakfast
  • Get dressed for day

Can I watch TV?  You must answer yes to all of these.

  • Did I do all of the above things?
  • Have I read for 15 minutes?
  • Have I done something helpful?

Can I play outside?

  • Did I do all of the above things?
  • Do I have sunscreen on?

These routines are for my kids.  I am also incorporating routines for me.

Routines are allowing us to be spontaneous while still having some structure. 


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