Wednesday, July 30, 2014

V is for Value


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I have been reevaluating things recently.  I think much of it started when I realized that this is not what I wanted my homeschool to look like.

I was very blessed to review the book Flourish and I am again very blessed to be reviewing these Student Logbooks. 

I have also discovered a Podcast from The Savvy Homeschool Moms that refreshes me and inspires me.

I have decided that I have to treat time with more VALUE!

I that you don’t spend time.  It can’t be earned back.  You just use it up.  Never to be replenished.  This really struck me and I have decided to cut back on quite a few things in order to treat my time with more value.

I won’t be on my phone and facebook so much. 

I will cut back on the amount of moms group activities I  do.  I will still be on the board and participate monthly.  Just not weekly anymore.

I will cut back or possibly cut out the co-op classes I teach.  I will probably still teach an archery class since I have signed up for training for that.  I also won’t sign my kids up for very many co-op classes.

I will still work nightly cleaning the doctors office, but may or may not keep my job at the grocery store.

I will treat my time with more value than I have been.

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