Thursday, July 31, 2014

Yellowstone Day 3 ~ Family picture day, Kayaking and a play!


PA052653We went to bed the night before with the news that our photographer (the one we had lined up for 6 months) had cancelled his appointment with us for the next morning at 10am.  Since you can imagine, we are from all over the country and it is very rare that we all actually get together.  PA052619

We are the type of people that make the best of it.  You see this is my husbands family and I had taken my brother with us.  So we all got ready while my husband installed a gas line for a generator. (I have no idea why that had to be scheduled at the same time as our original picture time, but they were both scheduled at the same time and we had decided to keep our original picture time with my brother since we didn’t want pictures to take our whole day.

We started pictures only an hour late.  Practically right on schedule.


After we had been all gussied up for picture what better thing to do than go kayaking?

We headed on down to the river and rented them right out of everything they had left. Some of us were on kayaks, some on SUP’s, some on a canoe, and some on a raft.


Oh yeah, I cut my hair the week before.  PA052724PA052736PA052738

The bus driver that took us up the river had told my brother about a great spot to stop for lunch that had a rope swing into the river where it was 7 feet deep.

This was a total blast!!


We then ran home and all got ready as fast as we could to head to The Playmill Theater in West Yellowstone.  We saw the play Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Day 4 coming up!

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