Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Reaching my goals



I realize that I set big lofty goals and I am good at achieving about half of them or even half of just one goal.  For instance the 30 days in a row blog post series.  I got started, I got all gung ho.  I even pre-blogged some of the topics.  Then life happened. Then I ended up moving during all of it.  The goal of blogging for 30 days straight fell by the wayside.

I have other bigger badder goals.  I am not going to let myself fail at.  I need to figure out a way not to half-ass them anymore.

I have tried things like goal journals, vision boards, and more.

One of my current goals is to run my first 1/2 marathon at the end of July.  I have been training off and on for a few months.  The longest I have run is about 6 and 1/2 miles non stop.   I haven’t been taking the training plan as serious as I should.  I get at least my one long run in a week, but I need to be doing the pace runs and easy runs also. 

Another goal I have is to deep clean my house once per week.  I’m not talking spring clean deep clean. I just mean a clean where everything is cleaned on the same day, bathrooms are done, bedrooms are cleaned and vacuumed, dishes are done, laundry is clean and put away, floors are mopped.  I have noticed if life happens and I don’t get to everything in the one day I have set aside, then for the following week, my house never feels clean. I just get further behind on laundry, and further behind on everything. I feel like I need that base day to gather, plan and prepare for the upcoming week.  I need to make this day more of a priority, while remaining flexible on what day it happens on, because, you know, life and all.

Right now, my biggest goal of all is to remain being a mother and homeschooler, all while being a real estate agent.  I will take my licensing exam the end of May and then begin working very shortly after.  I will not let myself fail at this goal, I have never set such a high goal for myself.  My husband is a huge support and believes in me, while other people in my family put me down for trying it.  They make me feel like I am not good enough.  These are also the same people that make me feel like they never believe in me and like I can’t do anything right.  The more self esteem and goal books I read the more I see that I need to get rid of toxic people in my life, but what if they are family…….

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