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SUCCESSFUL Homeschooling Made EASY! {A Review}

Successful Homeschooling Made Easy was created by Stephanie Walmsley.  She is a homeschooling mother of 5, who loves spending time with family and friends.  She dislikes windy weather and bad drivers.  She is also so much more.  She has the experience and know how of how to not only homeschool, but to homeschool successfully!

She has chosen to share her insight with all of us through Successful Homeschooling Made Easy Course.

This 26 lesson course is done with one lesson a week.  Upon signing up for the course you will immediately be emailed your first lesson.  This lesson doesn’t beat around the bush.  It gets right down to it on how you can easily start homeschooling today!  Even if you’re not brand new to homeschooling it can help you to start an improved homeschool life.

Some of the things that the lessons cover are:

  • Practicalities,

  • Schedules,

  • Lesson plans,

  • Organization,

  • Planning,

  • Teaching,

  • Housekeeping,

  • Extracurricular activities,

  • How to choose curriculum,

  • And much more.

Take the time to sit back and relax as you create a successful homeschool.  You will need to devote some time to this, not much, about 30 or so minutes a week for the lesson and then another 30 or so minutes a week for the homework.   I know that this hour a week can be hard to find.  I’ve been there.  When I began this, I thought how can I create more time by spending time on something else.  It happened.  I feel like I am still doing the same amount of stuff, but I have more time.

Let’s see what the typical lessons look like:


Each lesson will begin with a preface. This will gear you up for what you are about to learn. 

Then the meat of the lesson.  Sometimes you will answer questions that are specific to your family and your situation.  These questions get you thinking.  You may read some examples of other homeschooling families and their routines.  You will evaluate how things are going so far.  You will incorporate what you are learning into your life.

The lesson ends with a summary, an assignment. Usually, the assignment consists of spending time answering any questions you didn’t get to, do any recommended reading, taking care of yourself and incorporating something new into your schedule, (like doing art one day this week).  The end of the lesson will also give you a small preview into the next weeks lesson.

A day/week in our life:

Each week I would receive my lesson and immediately print it off.  I would add it to my binder and then let it set.  I wouldn’t get to it right away.  After getting through the first few weeks of lessons, I decided to create a special time to do this.  I began by choosing a day of the week to sit outside on my front porch alone and spend time with myself on the lesson at hand. 


When I first started, I felt rushed.  I felt like I needed to just get through the lessons quickly.  By the time I moved it to outside me time, I noticed I spent a lot more time on the lessons.  I realized I was getting more out of each lesson. 

Our thoughts and feelings:

While I have homeschooled for about 6 years, I gleaned a lot of great advice from this course so far.  It has helped me to find myself and be okay with who we are.  I discovered even more so that I don’t have to fit in with the stereotypical norm of a homeschooling family.  Actually, I discovered that there really isn’t a norm. 

The biggest thing I have gotten from the course so far is a higher self confidence of who we are and why we homeschool.

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