Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Visiting a real fort!

We had a neat opportunity to take a spur of the moment field trip with a bunch of local homeschoolers to a real fort.

We visited Fort Buena Ventura on a homeschool field trip.

The day was perfect!  IMG_6932The kids learned about a vertical cabin. 

IMG_6934We were able to go in and see two cabins, one furnished and one unfurnished.  We learned about what it took to build cabins/ houses back in 1852.


Katey even got to try out a recliner made out of reeds.


We met a real mountain man. He showed us many mountain man tools and supplies and explained to us why a mountain man would have such tools and how many of them had a dual purpose.  IMG_6947He taught us many ways to make a fire. 

IMG_6952They had an awesome candy canon. All of the kids lined up and the host filled a small real canon up with taffy.  He lit the fuse and had the kids count down. IMG_6955 Once it went off the kids went crazy.  It was definitely Tyler’s favorite part. He told every body who would listen about it.

IMG_6956We rented a canoe and floated a dammed up area in the river.  This was fun and I’m glad I had Tommy with me.  He sure knew what he was doing. 

IMG_6990The two younger kids fell asleep for the ride home.  It was a fun day!


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