Thursday, June 9, 2011

The chickens

Can you believe just 3 months ago we brought home these cute little chicks?
Fast forward to today!  They are so big!
They each definitely have a personality and there IS a pecking order.  They do not take as much daily care as I first anticipated.  We bought them a bigger water container and a bigger feeder, both of them are 5 gallon size.  The food lasts just over a week.  The water lasts about 3 days, however, we need to clean the part they drink from daily.
We have 5 total chickens now and we haven’t gotten any eggs yet.  I am thinking sometime in July.  We have just barely switched them over to Layers Mash from the Starter Mash they started on. 

They love love love leaves.  Tyler loves loves loves to feed them leaves. 

I cannot believe how much they have grown in such a short time.  It is interesting to me how they all huddle in one of the nesting boxes, instead of using both of them.

Chicken farming has proven to be fun and less work for me than I originally thought. 

Paul does clean out the coop about once every 2 weeks. 

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