Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hoover Dam


We dove right into Summer crossing off our Bucket List.  We have already crossed off Jello Slip and Slide, Lake Havasu, Movie in the park and now the Hoover Dam.


We went to Hoover Dam.  On our drive there from Arizona we saw some gorgeous views, right from the car. 



We drove over the brand new bridge to get there.  They have built the cement wall so high that you do not have a view of Hoover Dam while driving on it.  But you can walk across it which you will see later on in this post.


After crossing the bridge we drove down to the dam where we had to go through security checkpoints and then we were able to drive across the dam.



Here we are beginning our hike up to the bridge.


We got to the top on the Nevada side.


We began our walk across.  See how high the wall is. The lookout side to the dam is a railing so you can see amazing views.


Like this one. 


Tommy and I were the only ones that walked the entire bridge.  The rest of them got to tired and hot.  It was 103 degrees that day.


It was neat to see the doors carved right into the rock. 


All along the bridge is a picture and sentence about how the bridge was constructed. 


As we left there and headed into Las Vegas, we were able to see Lake Mead.


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Erika said...

I've never been to the Hoover Dam. Enjoyed your pics!

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