Saturday, June 11, 2011

Emily’s Children’s Book Club

Emily would like to start a children’s book club and invite neighborhood kids over once a week to read them a story and do a craft and snack with them.  


I told her that she should do a practice session with Tyler and Katey and see just how much work it would require. 


She chose The Little Red Hen as her book.  I helped her find some ideas on the internet.  She made the decisions as to what she would be doing with the kids. 


She red the story and talked about the moral.


She had the Katey make a handprint chicken and she had a coloring page for Tyler. 


She served bread and butter with jam for a snack, but you had to help clean up craft time to get it. 


It was so cute and she did a wonderful job.  She said she is ready to take on more children.  She is going to start advertising next week and then she is hoping to get about 7 kids total. 


What an amazing learning opportunity for everyone. 


We got this idea from The Old Schoolhouse Expo that we just attended. 

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