Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We went to London!!!

We went to the London Bridge, the Original London Bridge! 
Did you know….
It is the worlds largest antique?
It came over from London on a boat, and reassembled the exact same? 
McCulloch purchased the bridge from London in 1968 and it was rededicated in 1971 in Lake Havasu, AZ?
It is the second biggest tourist attraction in Arizona, only second to the Grand Canyon?
It bears battle scars of WWII?
The original London bridge was made of wood and began to fall down, hence the song?
This bridge was built to replace the wooden one, and then after being added onto the foundation couldn’t hold it and began to sink an inch every 8 years?

The bridge was purchased and brought over and built then they dug the Bridgewater Channel Canal that leads from Lake Havasu to Thompson Bay.  So the channel was dug to fit the bridge. 

We also saw The World’s Only Replica of England’s Legendary Gold Stage Coach.
The kids thought that it was so neat that the back wheels are as tall as they are.  With the Royal Wedding having just happened this was really neat to see. 

The original was built in 1762 to replace Queen Anne’s Coach, pulled by a team of eight matched horses, has carried every British Monarch since King George III to their coronation at Westminster Abbey.

This Stage Coach’s framework is made from eight palm trees which, branching at their tops, support the roof. The four corner trees, each rising from the lion’s head, are loaded with trophies symbolizing the victories of Great Britain in the Seven Years War, a war that ended just before the coach was completed.

The details put into this coach are just amazing!

The coach is gilded all over. It is 24 feet long, 8 feet 3 inches wide and 12 feet high; the pole is 12 feet 4 inches long and the total weight is 4 tons.

I had known many of the facts, from traveling to Lake Havasu so often, but verified them (and found some new ones) through the following websites.
Go Lake Havasu
Road Trip America
London Bridge Resort


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