Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Packing in Ziploc Bags Works For Me


Yes, that is right, I pack in Ziploc Bags.


Well, not mine, but my children’s clothing. 

Each day gets a bag.

Each bag gets one days worth of clothes. (Shorts, shirt, socks and unders, also any matching accessories hair or otherwise go in the days bag)

2 pair of Pajamas fit in a bag.  AKA your individual Pajama Bag.

Everyone’s swimsuits go into one bag known as the family swim bag. 

This makes our trips so easy. 

I squeeze the air out of each bag, so all 4 of my children’s clothes are able to fit into one big duffle bag. 


If we are going somewhere that we may need to change clothes after, like swimming then shopping, or hiking then out to eat, or even playing in the mud then getting in the car, well you get the idea,  I can just grab a bag for each child.  


I don’t have to pick out their clothes every day, if I want them to match.  (not each other, just wear clothes that match)


If your child is looking for a certain outfit that they just HAVE to wear that day, NO MATTER WHAT, then you don’t have to throw everyone’s clothing out of the bag to find it.  Trust me, picking up the Ziploc Bags is so much easier than picking up an entire duffle bag worth of clothes for 4 kids. 


The clothes are in waterproof containers.  (Not that I have ever needed this, just a potential pro)


Now, there are cons to packing in Ziploc bags.  Don’t think it’s all peaches and cream. 


You have to buy Ziploc Bags.  About $2.50 for 38 bags.  (I buy mine at Costco, I get 4 boxes of gallon size for about $10)  I do reuse mine for packing only.


You have to pack in the bags, and that does take longer to pack than just throwing in your clothes.


You have to teach your children not to open each bag.  They need to look through each bag (they are see through) and see if the clothes are first theirs and second if they are the clothes they want to wear that day.


Sometimes (often) the clothes are wrinkly.   I just give them a good shake the night before or stick them in a dryer depending on where I am and how much time I have.  Really, though they are just kids clothes and well, I am just glad they are clean. 


The Ziploc bag packing doesn’t always work.  Once your clothes are too big to fit, like if they are Winter clothes, then it just doesn’t work. 


So packing in Ziploc Bags Works For Me. 

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A Thoughtful Spot said...

I love this idea! I will definitely have to remember this. I always make sure that we have matching outfits ready, but when the time comes to wear them I can't remember which shirt was supposed to go with which pants anyway. And the socks, well they are always a mess. This is awesome!

Lori said...

I, too, love this idea. As far as having to look through the bags to see whose bag it is, writing names on them wouldn't take up that much more time. I'm going to try this! Thanks for the idea.


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