Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer is….

Lemonade Stands


This is the first post in a series of what Summer is to us posts….


Every Summer for the past 5 years Emily has done some sort of lemonade stand.  She is usually pretty successful.  She has done anything from Kool-aid to Lemonade to Tang.  Sometimes she offers free or discounted refills.  Once her friend and her did a free cookie with purchase.  Tommy has done a Popsicle Stand with Otter Pops.  Emily’s friend even did a traveling lemonade stand once.  She used a wagon to tote her supplies. 

With Emily always wanting to a lemonade stand at the spur of the moment.  (We are spontaneous like that.)

I decided that I needed to keep all the supplies on hand.  So I created a lemonade stand tote.


It has cups, lemonade mix and her money container (for change).  She will need to gather a pitcher to mix it in and the chairs and table along with some ice from the icemaker in a cooler.  But always knowing that we have the cups, lemonade mix and change on hand makes it so she can do it spur of the moment. 

She has made a poster board sign and that stays along the wall in the garage, with the table and two camping chairs.  (she usually does it with a friend or her sister.)


There are numerous valuable skills to be learned with working a business like this such as money and customer service, as well as working with others in unfavorable conditions (it sells best on hot days), inventory, and so many more. 


Croppermom said...

My kids have ask several time to do a Lemon Aide stand. I have not as of yet let them. But I had not as of yet thought of it is as educational. Just a way to "earn" money, and a pain for me to supervise. I think we might try it! Where was my creative brain all this time.

Cindy said...

I love it when kids are interested in money making ventures.
Your GFC is down..I'll come back to follow later

from the crew

Annie Moffatt said...

Love this!! I am excited to take a look around your blog!! Great ideas:) Love the workboxes!


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