Thursday, April 5, 2012

Blogging through the Alphabet Letter G


I was so so so ridiculously busy last week, that blogging took a back seat to my life. As often happens. 
I am disappointed that I didn’t blog about the letter F. 
I don’t even know what I was going to blog about for that letter. 

Letter G
Let me share a little background.
My paternal grandparents were killed when my father was just a child.  He grew up in foster care.  I never knew them.
My maternal grandparents lived a few hours from us my entire life.  We only saw them a few times a year and it was mostly at family events.  There is/was very little one on one time with them.  My Grandpa died about a year and a half ago.  The biggest regret I have about the whole thing is that I wasn’t closer to them.  I didn’t/don’t call them or see them as much as I would like.   I plan on changing that.  You can’t go back in time and my Grandma may need the communication as much as I do. 

My husband’s paternal grandma (I never met his grandpa, he died before we were married) however I have grown very very close with.  I would see her a few times a week.  At first it wasn’t all peaches and cream either.  We had our struggles.  We understand each other now and really get along.  I supported her when she decided to give up driving by offering to take her on her errands.  She is getting old (well, not getting, she is 93).  Just over a year ago, I moved 4 hours away from her.  She suffered a mini stroke on Jan 1st of this year and has had a few more since then.  She has broken both of her hips and she is still staying strong.  This past week I went down to the city.  I went to visit her at the care center she now lives at.  It was great, we talked and laughed.  All seemed well.

I was heading back home the next day and got a phone call that she had another stroke and was back in the hospital.  I made the time to go and see her and she didn’t know where she was, she didn’t know why she was there, but she did recognize me.  I was able to tell her where she was and spend a few quick minutes with her before I had to head back.  I have heard today that she has no additional brain damage and is doing really great.  {PRAISE} 

With all this I still have regrets that I don’t make a bigger effort to be closer to my Grandmother, I guess I just think make excuses that she doesn’t have time for me.  I know that I miss my Grandpa immensely and I wish I spent more time with him.

Well, I am off to go and call my Grandma.

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Kym said...

Enjoy the time you can spend with your Grandma. I was very close to my maternal grandparents and miss them a lot. I hope my kids can have close relationships with their grandparents, even though we live far away - that is my regret, that we have so much physical distance between us.


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