Monday, April 16, 2012

Our Spring/ Easter Activities


I have felt a little off the blogging wagon so to speak.  I have just been so dang busy living life that I have had no time to write about it.  So here is my very late Easter activity post.  This will be a mish mash of activities we have done over the last little while.  Expect little to no organization. 

Also, the reviews are going to be coming at you over the next couple of days, but I promise they will die back off and I will fill my blog with more of how we live our life here at Family Style School.


Emily painted an Easter egg.


We made bird feeders.


We made Handprint Easter Lilly’s

We made these really cool cross and dove sun catchers.


Of course we had Hot Cross Buns.


We made egg geodes.


We sucked an egg into a bottle.


We dyed Easter eggs too.

No pictures of that.

We had an AMAZING lesson the night before Easter.

We made Resurrection Rolls

We went to TWO hunts. 

Our first one was early in the morning.



Next we headed to decorate cookies and see the Easter Bunny at the grocery store.



We came home for a short break and lunch then headed out to another hunt.




I love this picture of Tyler.  I feel like I can see the excitement in his feet.


This picture of Katey is just precious too!


The egg in a bottle experiment was so cool we had to do it again.

I took the kids pictures Sunday after church.


I had the kids change their clothes and then we went to the park.  It was a perfect day.



We also tried to see if we were strong enough to break an egg using pressure.  P1010782P1010784P1010785

This activity was from Usborne Science Activities- Volume 2.


Most of my Easter activities were from Discover Easter.  Which is an amazingly great resource to teach the real meaning of Easter.

Ok, we made it through this mish mash, and I feel much more caught up in my blogging. 


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Kate said...

This is a wonderful blog post. I have never seen those egg geodes before. How cool! Did they turn out for you? Did it take a long time?

I love all the photos here - beautiful family!



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