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Judah Bible


Judah Bible is a Bible curriculum that uses the Principle Approach. 

Some key points to the Judah Bible Curriculum are:

The Bible is the textbook.

You create a Notebook Journal with a 3 ring binder that will have all your completed projects, such as drawings, journaling pages, pictures of activities and more.  This Notebook Journal is for completed projects and is a great memory book for the family.

This curriculum is multi level. (discussed below)  The Bible is covered in themes. (discussed below)



The Educational Goals of Judah are:

To learn to identify the sovereignty of God in the lives of men and nations.

To recognize on a personal level the responsibility of the individual.

To understand the relationship between individual character and societal liberty.

To understand the Biblical basis for Christian self-government.

To learn to research the Bible and use related reference materials.

To learn to identify Biblical principles of God’s government and relate them to all of life.

To learn to reason cause to effect from the Biblical basis.

To learn to write in a logical, clear and convincing manner to relay these truths to others.

To learn the ways of God in order to know Him (Ex. 33:13)

To produce Biblical, literate, self-educating, self-governing under God character in ourselves, our students and our children.


The themes of the Bible for Judah are:

Creation (5 weeks)

The Plan of Redemption Begins (14 weeks)

Kingdom of Israel (14 weeks)

Kingdom of God (19 weeks)

Early Church (9 weeks)

What makes this curriculum multi-level is each child is studying the same theme of the Bible while using different “Key sheets”.  What the Key sheets are are key points during that theme. P1010883

Another thing that makes it multi-level is the activity you do each day for the notebook.  Younger children may write a sentence, draw a picture, color a picture, put on a play, create with clay, etc.  Older children may write a paragraph or story in their own words, draw, create with clay, visit a museum (like the creation museum), etc.  These activities are not outlined in the curriculum, you much come up with your own.  However there is a sample notebook for you to look at.  P1010882

Judah Bible is a very teacher intensive curriculum.  There are 8+ hours of lectures to listen to, with a few visual pages in the back of the manual.  The lectures really had me pumped up to use it.  The manual is more of a guide as to which theme to study each week.  The Bible is the textbook and any version of The Bible can be used.  

This is a really neat way to incorporate an extensive understanding of the Bible into your days. It goes into more than reading The Bible, but understanding it. 

The methods used in the Judah Bible Curriculum are intended to help you teach your student to research the text and categorize his findings, reason cause to effect to valid conclusions, and apply Biblical principles to his own life. They include producing a personal Bible notebook, researching the Bible Keys, writing exercises, essay testing, and utilizing various other resources to extend the study. The class activities are more verbal in the lowest grades and more written in the upper grades.

The resulting character we are striving to produce in ourselves and our students will be capable of sustaining freedom without anarchy, order without tyranny, peace and prosperity. ~ taken from the website.


Judah Bible is $44.00  You get:
    1) Judah Bible Curriculum K-12 Manual, e-book format to download;
    2) Elementary Notebook Ideas booklet to view online or download;
    3) Eight-lecture Teacher Training Seminar. listen online or download.
(40% discount for online delivery!)

For $69.00 +$5.00 p/h for a total of $74.00 

Allow 7 days for delivery.
    You get:
    1) Judah Bible Curriculum K-12 Manual;
    2) Elementary Notebook Ideas booklet;
    3) Eight-lecture Teacher Training Seminar on CDs.

To see what others though of this check out this post. To see a wide variety of reviews check out our crew blog.

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