Friday, May 18, 2012

Some of our favorite games



So this week I have been blogging about games and hand on homeschooling.  I have had so much fun and I would now like to share with you some of our all time favorite family games.

We can always be found having Checker tournaments.  We own 3 checker boards just for this.

Some fun big group games we play often are Phase 10, Rook (with modified rules) Sequence, Twister and more. 

We love to go bowling.

We often have family game nights.  You can check some of those out here.

Some school days we take off and have a game day.

A really fun game is Pick and Draw.

Check out my fun review of that here.

We even play silly games outside

I have put together an Amazon widget for some visuals.

(yes I am an affiliate, if you purchase something through my link I will make a small profit. I thank YOU.)


Check out what others are blogging about this week.Photobucket

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This has been so much fun and I thank you for joining me.

Do you have any favorite games that I might like to check out?

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