Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Science and History Games

Often times Science can be fun on it’s own if you add a hands on experiment or activity to the mix.  However there are still some fun ways to incorporate games into science. 

Some fun ways to do that are to have quiz type game shows.  Think Jeopardy.
Here is a sample game that we played after a few chapters in Botany.
I just wrote questions on each card with a point value on the other side.  Some of the questions were:
  • Name 3 ways plants are helpful to us.
  • Draw and Label a simple plant. 
  • What is the process in which a plant needs water, light and Co2 to produce sugars which are stored in the leaves?
  • What is the study of plants called?

This is fun for us and it does take some work to create and play.  We always make up funny names for ourselves and hold introductions and all at the beginning of our game shows.

Another one I play if it is just one on one is Tic-Tac-Toe.  You can only go if you first answer a question correctly.  They even get to ask me questions. 
Pass the potato is another one you can play, where they ask a question while we pass the potato and when the asker is done whoever is holding the potato has to answer it and then it is their turn to ask the question.
All these games will work for Science or History.
A really fun science game that I have reviewed is Nature Nuts!
Some other fun ways to change up science include:
Science Weekly
The Curiosity Files
Recently I have been reviewing Science Videos.  They have been a fun change up in our homeschool.
Go Science!
Amazing Science!

For us we have always enjoyed history as a more hands on experience.
Some of the ways we have done that is with
Zeezok movie guides. Johnny Tremain and Kit Kittredge
We have loved Pitsco and building some of their Medieval Machines.
Here is a really great Hands On History Post.
I don’t know what it is about us, I always try to incorporate food into our history lessons

Check out what all the others are blogging about.

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What are some fun ways you incorporate games into your science and history?

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