Thursday, May 17, 2012

Math Games

Math can be so hard for some kids of us.  Some ways to make math seem fun can also be a challenge.

We have played some fun math games in our homeschool life and I would like to share them with you.
Some card games that can either be homemade or purchased are:
Go Fish with number cards.  This helps teach number recognition.
War is an excellent game for learning and practicing number sequence.  If your child is just learning put a number line near them.
Have you ever heard of I See Cards?  They specialize in math card games.  Such as Pyramath and Fractazmic.

Any game with dice can be a great simple addition game.  You can use 1, 2, 3 or even more dice to help with multiple addition or any fact.  We have played dice games where we had to multiply the dice or subtract them and then move that many spaces.
I have even created my own dice using labels.
There are different fractions on each side and they had to add or multiply them.

Some times they need a hands on manipulative to really understand it.  That is one of the reason I have liked Master Innovations.

Wits and Wagers has been a really fun way to teach my first grader large numbers. 

Aims specializes in hands on activities for math!  We have really loved their book Looking at Lines.

There are so many online math games as well, I have many listed on my page.  (check the sidebar)

There are some great downloadable computer math games. 
Mad Dog Math
Math Rider
Cap Jax Math Fax
Math Facts Now

Times Alive has very fun songs and music videos for visual learners.

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Jennifer said...

Labels on the dice is a great idea!


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