Monday, August 5, 2013

Just checking in…… and rambling……



Here I sit outside in my lawn chair, enjoying the summer nights. 

Here I sit thinking, writing, listening, watching and enjoying it all.

I have to say it.

I am not ready for summer to be over.  Not at all!

I still have all these grand plans to do before summer is over.  We have had a ton of rain these past few weeks.  The nights have been cool and relaxing. 

Don’t get me wrong, this has not been one of those lazy summers you hear about.  NOPE!

This has been one of our busier ones.  We have traveled much less this summer than in the past.  We have just had more things to do around here. 

I am however ready for all the neighbor kids to go back to school.  haha.

I am ready to get back into routine with everything. 

It seems like Tommy hasn’t even been here at all this summer.  He has either been at his dads or at scout camp or out with friends.  We are really excited he is back.

Emily has taken up piano lessons and stayed busy with friends, she has joined in quite a few activities going on at the library.

Katey has been continuing her girls group classes, Handmaidens of Virtue.  I have actually started school with her already she is up to two subjects a day.  I decided since the older kids are easier to get started and fall into routine.  She is a little slower going and has a harder time falling into routine. 

Tyler has been growing and growing.  He is just the age where he is discovering friends.  He has a few neighborhood boys he likes to play with.  They swim, play video games together or play with cars trucks or trains.

I have stayed busy, sometimes working, always being a mom and a wife.  Most recently I have been busy planning our next year.  I will have a 9th grader, a 7th grader, a 3rd grader and officially a preschooler.  Some of my friends put together a freezer meal exchange as well as a mixing party.   There were 8 of us that participated in the freezer meal exchange.  There were also 12 of us for the mixing party.  At the mixing party, we were all assigned ingredients to bring.   We then made brownie mix, pancake mix and taco seasoning.   I have recently ended a friendship that was just too much drama for me and I have had more time and been more at peace with myself since ending it.  I still feel sad sometimes, she was a friend.  I just couldn’t handle some decisions she was making.  I have never ended a friendship like I did this one. 

My husband has been really busy.  If he hasn’t been working, he is at home working on two ongoing projects.  One is a picnic/ patio set made out of pallets.  The other is a type of remodel on a small utility trailer we purchased. 

The future:

I really feel like so far I have been choosing out great curriculum, that will work well with who we are.  I hope to have it all finalized and post about it later on this week. 

We do still have one or two more trips planned.  We are starting school the middle of August, with our “official” start date not being until Sep. 3rd.  That way, these first two weeks of August serve as a cushion to not make me feel to guilty about taking other days off throughout the year.

I have made and set some new goals as well.  I am going to balance my checking account every day!  Gasp, I know, but the reality is, I don’t.  I am also going to be better about planning dinner and grocery shopping better. 

I am really looking forward to this school year.  I just am not ready for the cold. 


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