Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Small Scale Nature Study–Summertime!




Our community is great about putting on free activities for the kids in the summer.  One of the ones we went to they had a nature trail walk with a plant and tree identification clue game. IMG_1202[1]  Each child got a paper bag to collect things on their walk.  When we got back to the pavilion we made a tree collage with the items.  IMG_1206[1]

There is a small creek at the park we were at and my little budding entomologists were fascinated with the Water Striders.  Which they had learned about on the Brainfood Learning Insects DVD, we watched.  


We had to catch a few and bring them home.  We watched the movie again to pay specific attention to the part about them.  We also researched a little more on the internet.  The ones they caught didn’t last more than a day.  All the kids in the neighborhood had fun observing them and learning about them. 

This was all it took to open the door wide about nature! 

Join the fun and go exploring. 

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