Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Summer, What Have You Done For Me Lately???


We are such an outdoors family that we tend to pack our summers full of outdoor activities.  Here are just a few highlights as I am cleaning out the camera on my phone.

Camping: IMG_1003[1]

We took a fun camping trip with about 35 of our friends over the 4th of July.  It is always one big family friendly party. We had a blast!

Huskin’ Corn:IMG_1116[1]


That is definitely a summer activity around here!   I grew up huskin’ corn on my back porch, my kids are gonna grow up huskin’ corn.



An indoor movie matinée with treats and all.  IMG_1154[1]

We don’t do movies um ever.  Once a year, in the summer, really!   We usually hit the drive in one night as well, but ours burned down this summer and there are no plans to rebuild.  Sad smile 

A Garden:IMG_1158[1]IMG_1157[1]

Again, this is just like the corn.  I grew up with a garden, I have had a garden almost my entire adult life.   We love us some veggies!   They are so much better homegrown and it is such an experience for my family. 

What are some summertime traditions at your house?

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