Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Our County Fair ~


Emily and Katey both entered multiple things in our county fair.  I am just highlighting a few of them.

IMG_1255[1]Let me start off with some fantastic news!  Emily entered a pillowcase from a sewing class she was taking with our homeschool co-op and it got 1st place and qualified for the state fair!  WHOOP! WHOOP! 


Katey entered an extra pocket she made using the book Sewing School 2.  Katey is still a Cloverbud with 4H, therefor she is not judged.  She still got a ribbon. 


Another favorite is the Little Red Barn put on by our local FFA.


The fireman’s challenge is a sure hit every year as well.


Katey was chosen to go up on stage our the Scales and Tales Reptile show.  She got kissed by a lizard!!


We went to the Demolition Derby this year and they had Monster Trucks there.  It did make for a long night all the setting up and taking down of everything.  It was still a lot of fun.  This was a great derby.  (Last year we actually ended up leaving early it was so boring)


After the derby we went to the family dance with a local band performing.  It was a lot of fun and one of my favorite things every year.  This year a young man asked Emily to dance, and she said “yes!”  It was so cute and I am sure it made his night!   That takes some guts right there!

All of these things were free for us!  All of them!  There were reserved seats you could pay for at the derby, but we just sit in the free seats.    Don’t get me wrong I did spend money at the fair on food and rides, oh and I bought some things at the booths, but you can do many things for free at your county fair! 

I highly recommend going and participating in things.  We love the fair! 



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