Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pre School this week.

I found a very this very cool ABC Puzzle, along with many abc activities. I printed off the lowercase one, gave it a quick color, cut and laminate. Ta da. Now she has a fun letter puzzle that she can do all by herself. She really likes races. So I set a timer for 15 min. so she could see if she could beat it.

She loves loves loves to play with Fisher Price Little People, so we just talked alot about the colors of their clothes and hair, the colors of the furniture. We also did some role playing with kindness and manners as we played with them. We both really love this free time, and she doesn't even think of this as school.

I also did a little obstacle course type assessment with the forms I got from Tot School, just to see where she is, since I am new to all this. We began by jumping on 2 feet for about 10 feet, then hop on R foot for 5 feet, then march and sing the abc's, then tip toe to the kitchen and count to 10, then hop on L foot out and walk backwards down the hall, turn around and skip into the frontroom, where I had our playyard mat laid out and we did a somersault and then rolled across the finish line. She thought this was so fun! It definately did not feel like an assessment for her, but I was watching as we played and now I know what motor skills to work on. K is a little resistant when it comes to school, ( I think it's because she does not want to stop playing). I really have to work to make it fun, she is NOT a worksheet learner.

I am not even sure if she realizes all of this is school, since she was in a preschool earlier this year. I just had a strong feeling to homeschool all of my children. I was paying $80 a month for her preschool, I am spending less than that now on manipulatives and spending way more time with her and all of my children. I am really loving it, and so are they.

To see what the rest are doing visit The Preschool Corner.


Mrs Adept said...

wow - outside preschool costs a lot. I bet you are super happy about saving that amount. I would be. Hi, I'm Deborah, nice to meet you. :)

MamaGames said...

What fun NOT WORKSHEET ways to learn! :)

Thanks for the link to the alphabet activities. My GoGoGirl is too young for the puzzle you're using but I love the alphabet footprints I found there!

Raising a Happy Child said...

Welcome to Preschool Corner. This puzzle looks like something my daughter would enjoy too - thanks for the link. My daughter is not a worksheet learner too, but she is fairly bright. We learn a lot through games, but she also goes to an out-of-house preschool 3 mornings a week.


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