Saturday, January 2, 2010

This Week in Review

We got 20 pounds of hamburger on sale for $0.89 per pound. So naturally we had to cook it for freezing. This comes in as a huge time saver on busy nights. We also some for dinner a few nights, we had burrito's. We had super fun taco salads. I made taco salad shells by placing tortillas over an upside down bowl and baking them for about 10 min at 350 degrees. The kids thought that was really fun. We burnt (accidentally) some brownies. We also learned a very important lesson. We ran out of eggs. So we decided to substitute applesauce. Let's just say that is not a good idea. We had a pajama party for New Year's eve. We stayed up and played Rock Band till 11:45pm then we watched the countdown and went outside at midnight to bang pots and pans. The kids really thought this was the greatest. We went to sleep after that and slept, slept, slept until 11am. We just hung out the rest of the day. Tiny T even sat up on his own for a few seconds. He was so proud of himself.
We are really looking forward to the new year ahead and becoming a closer stronger family.

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