Friday, January 15, 2010

Preschool Week of Jan 11th.

This week, I made a project bag, we filled a bag with shaving cream and drew pictures in it. I did made this for K, but my older kids loved it so much, that I ended up making 2 more, and I guess I did not get a picture of K with hers. We used the back (not the sharper side) of cookie cutters to press shapes in them. They all did alot of pretending with these as well. These were great for traveling too. They could play with them anywhere and not make a mess (as long as the bag didn't open). These did not last long, only a day or two, but that way the idea didn't get old and they will like them next time. I did get this idea off of another blog, but I cannot find it now, and she used paint. I am now keeping better track of where I get my ideas from, but if you have any suggestions of how to keep track let me know.
I got a little more organized with K, I printed these workbox cards, that I got from Homeschool Creations. I laminated them, and hung it on our wall, that way my prereader can know what she is to be doing all day, and what comes next. I also gave her the 3 help cards, that she can use throughout the day for things such as finding her shoes, or coat, or cleaning up after herself. These are so far, working out wonderfully, because she is asking for help alot less. Also now I know how often she is really getting help, with 4 people in the house older than her, (dad, mom, big brother, big sister) I didn't realize how much everybody waited on her.K had two kitchen bowls and some beans, and various kitchen utensils. She just played with these for hours. The next day she even asked to play with them again. This just shows that your kids don't always need the latest greatest toy, just buy them a bag of beans. She did use a help card to pick up all the beans off the ground when she was done playing.

She was very excited to do writing on her dry erase board. She has had this board for some time, but has never been excited to use it. I think it's because of the schedule that she was excited.
We really didn't do that much schooling this week because Tiny T was very sick, and we spent one day in the hospital running tests, (he is now fine after 2 shot of antibiotics) so they just got lots and lots of reading in with Grandma and Grandpa. Gotta love when family is close and can come to your rescue like they did. The schedule also came in very handy when this happened, because even though they didn't do what I would have done, they found activities that would work within the categories on her schedule.

NOTE: I found where I got the shaving cream idea. It is from Confessions of a Homeschooler. Scroll down, it's where she did paint in a bag.


Mama to 5 said...

Nice job! We use the same workbox cards which are awesome & use them on our workboxes too!

MamaGames - Alexa C. said...

I love the bags with shaving cream inside them!

I am a visual learner, so when I see a project that I want to do with my kids, I usually save a picture of it in a specific "ideas" folder on my computer, and when I'm saving it I add the blog name in my title, something like "Shaving Cream Bags from Family Style School".

When I'm planning activities for a new week I look through my folder to see what pops out at me as being a good fit for the week ahead. If I blog about the activity, I know who to credit for the idea. This works for me ~most~ of the time!

I'm glad Tiny T is feeling better!

Brandie said...

I love the idea of the shaving cream bags...I forsee two girls playing with them tomorrow!

I use my blog to keep up with my ideas. As I'm searching the internet, I keep and unpublished post open on a tag to add it to. The next week, when I'm composing my preschool corner, if I used it, I add the link straight from my unpublished post! If the site has a ton of great ideas, I just add it to my homeschooling blog folder under bookmarks.

Jolanthe said...

Love how you are using the schedule cards. :) Great ideas! I have bookmarks upon bookmarks of all the links ~ and it does get confusing to know where you get ideas from at times!

Thanks for joining up with Preschool Corner!

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

Visiting from Preschool Corner - it's nice to get to know your family. I keep seeing all the sensory activities on the blogs, but I admit that we like to keep things kind of clean in the house. Luckily, my daughter goes to preschool 3 mornings a week, so she can do her messy stuff there :) I'll do more sensory stuff outside when the weather gets better.


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