Saturday, January 30, 2010

Preschool Week of Jan 25th.

This week we spent quite a bit of time on Pinewood Derby cars!
Which was great fun. (We make Pinewood Derby's for all our kids)
So that was a really great lesson in patience for K. It really is a lot of waiting, waiting for dad to cut them, waiting to sand them, waiting for the paint to dry, waiting to put the wheels on. Then waiting to race them!
Racing them was the best part! K was so cute she would run the whole length down the track with her car, rather than wait at the finish line with the rest of the kids! She was very worn out at the end, and had a great night sleep!

Other than that, this week I have decided to do a letter of the week/ theme idea's with K.
This week we started with "Bb" and "Are You My Mother?"
I made these lapbook pieces from Homeschool Share. That site has many great resources! I can picture me using it a whole lot!

We made cereal necklaces also and talked about patterns.

This is my most favorite picture that I have ever taken!

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Anonymous said...

Seems like a fun week.

Mrs Adept said...

Love your lapbook and your favourite photo is great.


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