Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Today I broke a board with my fist.

Today I took a self defense class with E. It was an amazing opportunity. We really learned a lot of great moves, so don't mess with us.
I was the smallest mother in the class, so the teacher picked on me. I learned where to kick, and elbow somebody. I leaned that you stomp with your heel on their feet, as opposed to your toes. I learned how to get big and heavy, by the way you hold your feet.
When it came time to practice our skills, I was the first person not to break the board. I got a second chance and broke it so hard that my hand hit the floor. I thought that I was so strong too, after all those kickboxing classes at the gym. It wouldn't have been so bad, except for I took the class with a group of women I know. So I will see them again. Hopefully they won't remember. I also learned that you can't take pictures of you taking a self defense class. ( I took my camera, but was to involved, so their are no pictures, you will just have to use your imagination)
We will now just have to teach the rest of our family what we learned. I am grateful that we did this. It was such a fun mother/ daughter activity.

On a side note, I started taking an Ice Skating Class with my sister in law. I know how to ice skate forward, and a slight turn. I have no idea how to stop or anything else. I am looking forward to learning some tricks, so that I can skate better with E and K. They have both been in ice skating for a while now and we are at the rink quite a bit. Now for my sister in law, she has never ice skated before. Neither of us fell for real. I fake fell once, to make her feel better (she was very nervous). The instructor had us get on the ground, to teach us how to get up if (I mean when) we do fall.

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