Monday, June 11, 2012

Discovery Scope

Discovery Scope is such a neat thing.  It really has opened the door to discover for my family.  We have seen things we never would have seen before. 
Bird Poop
A flower’s petal
We have even taken it to the beach and on hikes.  At the beach we caught a lady bug and looked at it.  We saw how the entire neck (Pronotum, yea we looked it up once we got home) moves around.  We have looked at the sand on the beach.  Even the lake water!  We were able to see some of the larger micro-organisms.  I don’t recommend checking out the lake water until you are done swimming.  Winking smile 

I mean look how portable it is.
In fact my kids were mad at me the one time I forgot it.
It is so durable even my two year old takes a peek. And I am not nervous when he is holding it all by himself.

Okay, Okay now that I have shown you what a great tool this is for discovery.  Let’s talk details.
The Discovery Scope is a handheld-wide field microscope.  Which magnifies things to 25X.
It comes in two kits. Both provide the accessories needed to view live, liquid, or solid objects.  I received the basic kit.
Basic Kit: $40.00. Includes one Discovery Scope, one mini-clamp, one multi-use chamber holder, two 1”x3/4”clear view chambers, one water dropper.
Naturalist Kit: $55.00 Packaged in custom bag. Includes one scope, one mini-clamp, one multi-use chamber holder, two 1”x3/4” clear view chambers, and one water dropper.
Check out the many advantages of Discovery Scope.
The Discovery Scope is a fairly simple, yet complex tool.

I wholeheartedly recommend this. Get your kids out there discovering everything nature has to offer and then watch them come inside to research it.  Truly a neat experience and worth it’s weight in gold around here.

Discover something today!

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Disclosure: As a member of The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew I review products like this, which I receive for free in order to be able to share my honest opinion. 

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Love my Discovery Scope! So excited to read the other reviews and see what others are doing with it! We are going to take it to the beach for sure.


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