Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Go Ahead, Turn a Moment into a Memory.





It’s so easy to get lost in today’s world.   So easy to find yourself bored and pick up your smart phone or a magazine.  It is so easy to get into a TV show or movie that you tune things around you out.  It’s not just electronics either.  I find myself getting lost in a book, or even just thinking about something other than the moment I am in.  There are times when this is perfectly okay and sometimes much needed down time.

Recently I had read an article (I can’t remember where) about this very thing.  A mother was at her child’s awards ceremony for something, and the mother sitting next to her was checking things out on her phone.  The mother who was not paying attention practically missed her own child being recognized.  She began to clap as her child walked off the stage.  Now the child will probably never know any of this, and will not be affected by this one incident.


After reading that article I decided that I would need to make a conscious decision to be in the moment with my children. 

Often times my daughter would like for me to go outside and practice softball with her.  I decided I needed to prioritize my time.  If I wasn’t doing something important I would go out with her and practice.  


My son recently had a belt graduation ceremony for MMA.  I chose to leave myself nothing else to do but pay attention to him.  I noticed how many times he looked up at me, which was often.  Sure there were times when he was waiting and it wasn’t necessarily important that I be watching him the entire time.  However, I didn’t want him to look at me and see me reading a book, or on my phone, or anything else.


Not only do I want my children to have memories of me caring and being there for them. I want these memories for me too. 

Take the time to be present with your children.  Before you know it they will be grown.  Imagine all the things that will be pulling at them, and know that you were a good example of being in the moment with them. IMG_7335

I know it isn’t easy, even though it should be.  I am making a real effort to put down what I am doing and be there with my kids. 

I have felt much more joy and much more at peace with myself and my family.   I have also had so much fun.  So much more fun than keeping up on other things, FB, Twitter, etc. 

This doesn’t mean that I have completely stopped checking Facebook, blogs, my email, and the internet in general.  I have just decided not to check those things out while my children are doing an activity I should be paying attention to. 


I don’t want these moments to be gone before they are a memory for my children and I.

Go ahead turn simple moment into a memory, if not for your child, for yourself.


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Unknown said...

Great post. I need more reminders like this in my life. Stopping by from Homeschool Crew, but also noticed that you write for Latter-Day Homeschool as well. We are busy with the same things! Happy to be a new follower!


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