Saturday, June 2, 2012

June Goals



I have loved these goal setting posts.  They do keep me motivated because I feel slightly more accountable. 

I know I know I haven’t done a post for May.  However, mistakes don’t make me give up.

So starting fresh with June

~ I would really like to blog more.  I feel sometimes that it is an outlet for me.  I enjoy sharing stuff.  Blogs really helped me with my beginning homeschooling years.  Actually who am I kidding, they still help me.  I want to do this without being a “slave to the blog.”  There was a point in time that I had my kids do things just so I could post them on my blog.  Shameful, I know.  They were fun things, it is just sometimes they didn’t fit into our day right.  I hope I am going to be able to do both of these things (build my blog without being a slave to it)  with the help of Mama Jenn and her blogging planner!

~ I NEED to cut down our grocery budget.  I currently spend about $1000 a month between gas for the cars and groceries.  This budget has to be cut down drastically.  I plan on doing this by most likely not doing EMeals anymore.  I have loved it, but I do need to feed my family cheaper.  I may try to alter their menu plans to be cheaper by switching out sides expensive meals.  I am also going to go back to couponing.  Not extreme couponing but using Grocery Smarts and having a spending book where I write down every time we spend any cash or money at the grocery store/ gas station/ etc.  I will let you know how that goes.  We can do this. I haven’t had a car payment in over a year and we just purchased a new truck, so that is the reason for these cut backs!  There are more cutbacks we are making besides groceries.

~ I want to be more on top of things around the house.  I can wash clothes all day long, it is the folding and taking care of that I despise. I want to feel like my house is clean again, like I can be on top of it.  It is not that it is dirty. It is the everyday stuff that gets me, picking up, dishes, cooking, etc.  I am going to really work on having a happy heart while working on this.  We do 15 min quick cleans once or twice a day but I still feel like I need 15 min cleans every hour. I will be writing about those later this month also. 

I am feeling like these things will be great for me to work on.  I can sense that June will be a great month.  We have really simplified our schooling process for the summer.  I feel that I will be able to focus on household things more and get them more organized and into a routine which will in turn help next school year go much more smoothly. 


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