Saturday, October 30, 2010

Are your students unorganized?

Just think how essential it is to teach your children time management skills.   With organization and proper time management skills you children are well on their way to success. 

Have you thought about how you are going to teach this?  I decided for us living it would be best for my children to learn.  So they got The Old Schoolhouse Middle School Student Planner.  

This planner is so cost effective for us, for one price you get to download the planner and print off as many of each page as you would like.  So I really got 2, (or more) planners for the price of one. 

I also have to tell you how much more than just a planner The Old Schoolhouse Middle School Student Planners are, they are chock full of resources, from articles, such as Creative Writing and Making Friends to informational-must know lists, such as Modern Art Movements, Cloud Forms, Mountain Ranges of the World, and so much more!

Back to the planner part of this planner; there are so many homeschool forms such as, daily, weekly monthly, yearly, planning and goal pages.   A test preparation checklist, library log and science lab sheets are also found in the homeschool form section of this planner.  Plus many many more.

Then there is still another entire section of organizational forms which include forms such as community service logs, loaned and borrowed lists, wish lists, address and phone books, and website log in forms (so they don’t forget usernames and passwords).  Daily schedule, extracurricular activity schedule and musical instrument practice sheets are all also found in the organizational form section of this planner.  Plus many more.

Some of our favorite and most used pages right now in The Middle School Student Planner are the week-at-a-glance form, attendance chart, books read form, and the Daily Chore Form.   

With 278 pages in this planner and a Parent Pack (some quick articles for parents), you are bound to find this planner useful.

The Middle School Student Planner $19.00 is geared toward children grades 7-8, while my children are a little younger than this (grades 4 and 6) I felt like this planner was the right fit for our family. 

They also offer the following planners (all prices listed are for the download versions)
Primary School Student Planners grades K-3 for $9.95. 
Secondary School Student Planners grades 4-6 for $9.95.
Middle School Student Planner grades 7-8 for $19.00.
High School Student Planners grades 9-12 for $29.00.
The Schoolhouse Planner for adults for $39.00.

The Old Schoolhouse has just what you need for your homeschooling needs. 

{I received The Old Schoolhouse Middle School Student Planner for review purposes. This review is my honest opinion, and as always your experience may differ}

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