Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween art



We checked out this very cool Origami book from our local library, we have been doing “Horrorgami” all week.  We even had some neighbor kids over with us doing it.  We just used construction paper that I cut down to size.  Emily was able to make some very cool spiders that we hung up for Halloween decorations.   


I gave Katey some simpler projects, she made a shape spider.  I had her draw a triangle and cut it out for the body, 6 rectangles for the legs, and 3 circles for the eyes, and then she glued it together and we bent the legs so it would stand, and we put it by an origami tree that Emily had made.


In the spirit of Halloween, we have been learning about spiders this past week. Each day I had them do a spider craft, or coloring page as I read a spider book to them.  We learned about different types of spiders, the life cycle of a spider, and the different places they live.  One day we learned about spider webs, and we made our own out of yarn and a paper plate.  Then we hung pipe cleaner spiders from it.



We also checked out a book on drawing goblins, witches and warlocks.


Here is one of Tommy’s drawings.


It broke the drawings down into very simple steps.  Tommy and Emily were both very proud of their drawings.  I think they did a great job too.

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