Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Harvest Party


We had our homeschool coop Harvest Party this week.  It was full of fun and games.  Here we are getting ready for the pumpkin decorating contest.  I had to go to work, so I got out the art tote and let them at it.  My husband was home but he is far from artistic. 

S3010079 Emily's Pumpkin Tommy's pumpkin Katey's pumpkin

“The Brain Cake” we took for the cake walk.  


I saw this in cupcake form.  I decided it was easy enough.  I baked a boxed cake mix in a glass mixing bowl.  Then I colored some store bought frosting and frosted it back and forth to look like a brain.  Everyone loved the cake and I loved how simple it was.

S3010085 S3010086

They had some of the highschoolers doing facepainting.  So the girls got some cute butterflies.


We had a cake walk. 


I was in charge of the cakewalk prize table.  Along with my helper, Tyler. 



And there was a pumpkin decorating contest.  (every pumpkin won an award)  It was so fun to see all the creative ideas the kids came up with. 



It was so fun and a great change of pace for us. 

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