Saturday, January 15, 2011

Breakin’ the house down on New Years Eve!

With Paul's family at Christmas time we like to have a gingerbread house contest boys vs girls.  His brothers come and his sisters come to town.  This year the girls won, because the boys burnt their house down when they tried to melt lifesavers in the windows, for a stained glass effect.  So they gave up before the time limit was up. 


This year we added on to the gingerbread house contest with a new tradition, on New Years Eve at midnight the kids get to use rolling pins and SMASH down the gingerbread house.  That gives us plenty of time to eat all the goodies off from it.  Emily had been talking about this since before we began building the house. 




At midnight we  took it outside and Emily began smashing it first.

S3010317 S3010318 S3010319

Then Katey jumped on it. 

The kids loved this.  We are now going to break our gingerbread houses every year on New Year’s Eve.  It’s funner than throwing them out. 

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