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See-N-Read is a see through plastic reading intervention tool.  It is a see through bluish gray with a clear window to read a line.  It comes in many versions such as the Memory Mark, which is the same bluish gray and the window is completely cut out. That way you can highlight or underline a word, phrase or sentence.  It also comes in eSee-N-Read, for computer reading.

It is supposed to help you to be able to read faster. However, I wanted Tommy to use it, to slow him down.  He tries reading so fast, he doesn’t focus on what he is reading about.  This worked.   He was able to get more out of reading with this.   As he used it more often he began to get faster with it, while still comprehending what he was reading. 

When I am reading a book, I use the bookmark to follow along, by placing it below the line I am reading.  That way I can keep my focus.  I notice I read a little slower, instead of skimming.  I also notice that I absorb more of the story, too.  So See-N-Read worked great for me too.

See-N-Read prices start at $2.99 and vary greatly on which one you get, and how many.  Check out the price chart here.

To see what other crew members had to say about See-N-Read check out our crew blog.

See-N-Read post.

{These products were given to me free of charge in order to write this review.  This blog, as well as this post represents my honest feelings.}

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